Blue Orchid Awarded $125,000 in OCE Funding

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Blue Orchid, one of the startups working out of The Forge, received some great news to end the winter – the company has been awarded $125,000 from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) .

Sina Afshani founded Blue Orchid to create assistive living products that improve the lives of both patients and their caregivers. Their current product is a lift that will ease the loss of mobility that comes with sickness and aging, helping with lifting, moving and handling patients.

The government-funded program within OCE is called the Market Readiness Customer Creation Program. MRCC helps Ontario startups that have already validated the worthiness of their technology and market, and now must create demand for sales.

Of course, Afshani was pleased with the result: “We are excited and honored to have received the MRCC funds from OCE. Since we started the company OCE has been a key partner in helping us establish the foundation of our company and giving us the opportunity to develop our ideas and products,” he said.

Blue Orchid has already used hard-work and local support to create an impressive product offering, but the $125,000 will allow the company to sell product and create demand.

“We have also received a tremendous amount of help from the Hamilton entrepreneurship community since we started the company last year” he said. “I wanted to thank Innovation Factory, the Forge, Walter Booth school of Engineering at McMaster University for their continued support and mentorship.”

Congratulations to Blue Orchid!